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2014 Farmers’ Market Schedule for the Peninsula

farmers market kidWhen you shop for fresh food from the farmers’ market you are assured the produce tastes sweet, crisp, and fresh! Often fruits and vegetables were picked hours before the farmers’ market, and have traveled less than fruits and vegetables found at grocery stores. The fruits at farmers’ markets are sweeter because more sugars as fruit ripens on the tree instead of in the truck.

Another benefit of going to a farmers’ market is getting to know your food’s origin. Ask the farmer where the farm is located, what varieties they grow, what they do for pest control, and when is their harvest season. Local farmers bring you the best of their fields weekly, rain or shine!

Did you know.…A Certified Farmers’ Market is a location, certified by the Agricultural Commissioner, where a producer sells only their own fruits and vegetables directly to consumers.

Download and Print your own 2014 Farmers’ Market Schedule for the Peninsula

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