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About Us - Many Lives Chinese Medicine

Many Lives Chinese Medicine helps people live active, healthy, and productive lives

Mission statement/our purpose: Our mission is to provide the highest quality acupuncture, massage/medical services to our community.


We are committed to success and we listen with compassion to our patients.  We work together to identify the root causes of ailments.

Our approach to better health integrates acupuncture, herbal medicinemassage, and nutrition to address internal health issues. We provide the necessary tools and expertise so the body can heal.

In our relaxing and supportive environment, our practitioners work as a team meet the individual needs of our patients. We offer solutions that are tailored to all individual health concerns.  Mostly, we encourage our patients to become involved with their health at all levels.


Our clinic provides exceptional service to our clients.  We are on time, professional and very thorough with treatment plans.

We thrive on community and aim to be a solid resource for Chinese Medicine six days a week. For those on the fertility side, we are “on call” for assisted techniques, pre and post transfer.  Sunday and Holiday appointments, when needed, are common.

Sometimes patients like extra time with the treatment, some need a little massage and often, humans just need an ear. Our team is generous with needed treatments.

Over the many years in Redwood City, we have worked to create a supreme network of referrals for those needs that we can not meet.  And we are happy to share them.


Many Lives Chinese Medicine is the oldest acupuncture clinic in Redwood City with over 25 years in practice.

Back in 1999, Acupuncture practices were uncommon because the practice of Acupuncture was relatively new here. There were many solo practitioners, but none who would hire another. Beth started the clinic to nourish her passion to help people feel better.

Many Lives Chinese Medicine was developed with the idea that we would have many practitioners working together providing high quality acupuncture services six days a week in order to be responsive to a fast paced economy.  Now, 25 years later we have accomplished that goal and are going strong.

All of the practitioners who are a part of Many Lives are highly experienced and thoughtful with their treatments.  Two of our four practitioners have American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) certification which means we treat advanced reproductive cases and also treat pregnant women through their pregnancies.

We really enjoy hearing feedback from many different folks; such as, the word of mouth referrals, to our on- line community: the Moms’ groups, Next Door and Yelp to name a few.  We believe we are valued members of the medical community.

Integrative Care – Our Commitment

  • To provide tools the body requires to heal powerfully on its own
  • Create a safe, comfortable atmosphere to rest and recharge
  • Offer the best care possible by spending time with our clients
  • Provide deep respect for people regardless of their healing stage
  • To work together as a team to help our clients realize the best outcome

You may also be interested to know…

For assisted cycles, IUI/IVF we are available for timed treatments. For IVF we treat on the day of transfer pre and post transfer. On these days the patients have courtesy of the schedule – so they come when they can are are always treated and supported.

We are centrally located in Redwood City with lots of free parking.

We love our Jane portal (electronic medical record) where you can create an account and see your whole Many Lives medical record, manage your appointments and see all of your billing as well as receive notes and information from your practitioner.

We are excited to welcome new patients into our clinic. Book your first appointment here.

In California acupuncturists are considered primary care providers.

Chinese Medicine can alleviate these conditions naturally:

Gastrointestinal | Neurological | Ear, Nose & Throat | Respiratory Emotional Sports Injuries | Musculoskeletal | Gynecological | Fertility

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