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Many Lives Chinese Medicine COVID-19 Protocols

Many Lives Chinese Medicine COVID-19 Protocols

It is safe to come into the office.

Our goal is to put you at ease when visiting our office and we are committed to a level of cleanliness that is crucial in preventing the spread of Covid. 

We continue to ensure that our office is a safe place to receive your acupuncture and massage care. We look forward to seeing you soon!

– Beth

Clean Office:

  • We provide extra ventilation and hand sanitizer.
  • Credit cards are kept on file for minimal exchange at the front desk.
  • The treatment rooms are wiped down and rested between visits.
  • We are washing our hands until they fall off.
  • Our heat packs and eye pillows are disinfected between each use.
  • The face rests on the massage tables are disinfected thoroughly with EPA approved wash and each patient receives fresh face rest covers with each treatment.

We have the highest confidence in our protocols and have continued success staying open and clean to assist our. Our staff is fully vaccinated. Our promise to you is excellent and safe healthcare for every treatment in our office, every time.

How You Can Help:

  • Anyone who enters the office MUST wear a mask. Once in the treatment room there will be options for a mask depending on the chosen treatment.
  • We are asking those that travel in the states or internationally to test four days after their return from trip. Please allow one week from your negative test before your appointment.
  • Please wash you hands with the hand sanitizer offered or in the bathroom before entering the treatment room.
  • If you think you have been exposed to anyone who has a confirmed case of Covid-19, we ask that you do not visit the clinic and quarantine for 7 days.
  • Patients are requested to wear loose fitting clothing, (so we minimize sheet use) and are encouraged to leave belongings in the car.
  • We ask that you do not bring any additional companions to your appointment. Please arrange for any child or elderly care prior to arriving. Only patients needing to be seen that day should visit the office.
  • If you can’t make it into the office, our staff is available for telemedicine visits which is a fantastic way to connect with a practitioner about self-care and advise which herbs and supplements would be appropriate for you. We can drop ship supplements or direct you on how to order. Please us call to schedule.

We are here to assist with any issues that can arise when coming into the office.

Self Care Tips:

Now, more than any other time it is vital to pay attention to your everyday health.  Some ideas that might fit into your busy lifestyle:

  • Eat really well. Cut back on caffeine, alcohol and sugar.  Besides its Summer and all the great fruits are available so start substituting fruits for sugary snacks.
  • Water: Drink half of your body weight in oz. If I weigh 140, drink 70 oz. Of water a day. Measure it out!  You will be surprised at the outcome.
  • Ditch the electronics in the bedroom. Go for the big change and get the TV out of the bedroom.  Work on your sleep schedule.
  • Stock Up! Fill up your fridge and pantry with good stuff in case you need extra time at home.  Reduced trips to the market helps in general.  What we love and recommend:  Bone both, nuts, soups, fresh/frozen veggies, berries, meats, poultry, seeds, canned beans, grains and smoothy fixins.

All of us at Many Lives Chinese Medicine love being in service.  Our passion is assisting our community with all healthcare issues.

Please come in for a tune up, an IVF prep, a hormonal balance, a sleep concern, anxiety issues…….we are here and we are ready.

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