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Improve Fertility With Acupuncture

Improve Fertility with Acupuncture - Redwood CityTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been treating infertility for a really long time and is an effective way to boost reproductive health. TCM provides effective, safe, natural, and cost-effective treatment for fertility and other hormonal issues for men and women.

The most fundamental principle of Chinese medicine is that of maintaining balance.

When the body is balanced, energy flows. When one’s body is healthy and balanced, the potential to conceive is excellent.  Our TCM practitioners are skilled in diagnosing and treating imbalances that may be hindering the ability to get pregnant or stay pregnant.

Research has shown that acupuncture and herbal medicine directly affects hormonal balance and increases uterine blood flow; as well as regulate the menstrual cycle, improve quality and quantity of viable follicles, and create a general sense of ease and well being. The latter two in and of themselves are key factors in enhancing fertility and increasing the chances of conception.

When couples are having difficulty conceiving, Chinese Medicine is often recommended as a solution before moving to costly assisted reproductive therapies, such as Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Not only is Chinese Medicine much less expensive in the long run, but it is also a natural way to boost fertility and support reproductive health. If assisted therapies (IUI, IVF) become needed along the way, Chinese Medicine can be used in tandem with other therapies.  In fact, chances of conception are better when combining Eastern and Western  modalities.  You can rest in knowing that your body has been brought into harmonious balance with Chinese Medicine, and it will be highly receptive to all fertility steps.

Your Fertility Journey

Over the last 20 years we have worked with thousands of couples who have struggled with infertility.  Whether it’s a misdiagnosis, countless IUI and IVF cycles, repeated miscarriage, sperm issues or…..just not knowing WHY……we have helped each couple along their own path and patients report that the treatments with Many Lives were highly valuable during their very sensitive and all emotional time.

You are not alone!

At Many Lives Chinese Medicine we are dedicated, dependable and experienced.  We do not just provide support for you physically. We are here for you emotionally as well. This journey can be painful and frustrating.  Schedule an appointment with us to learn how we can help.

What are some ways I can improve my fertility naturally?

Besides the needle question, this is the second most asked question.  And we understand why… we all want to help our bodies fell better, naturally.

There is A LOT of information out there about infertility.

It’s on the web, in podcasts, apps, through friends and what they did, from family and the pressure that can come with that.  Everyone has an opinion about what you should do. That is where we come in; our approach is one that helps organize and calm the information. We can answer questions in a clinical and scientific way.

We are Board certified (ABORM) to know all the particulars of reproductive success.

Nutrition First

A nutritional conversation and recommendation is the first step to promoting great hormonal health.  We have many tools, from lab work and meal planning to supplementation, we assist with your nutritional foundation to build a vibrant space for conception.

Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress

We like to know most things about you, from commute times (not as much now!) to where your stress originates to other lifestyle decisions.  Looking at and managing a balanced lifestyle is not easy and we can help!

On the exercise front we like to know what you are doing and for how long and how often.  For most, movement can be a huge stress reliever, and sometimes we move toooo much.  The same is true for not enough movement,  where we need more to be more relaxed.  Finding the balance can be tricky.

Stress really does kill and it kills fertility cycles.  If too much cortisol is produced it really upsets the hormonal balance and then everything gets out of whack.  We discuss stress and the ability to look at different tools to bring ones body back to normal cortisol levels.  The main ingredients for a successful pregnancy: Balance.

Herbs and Acupuncture

Herbal remedies and acupuncture treatments are well known for their impact on fertility issues.  Gynecological medicine comes from China – mostly with the Emperors and the royal courts.  These ancient chinese prescriptions are still used today to enhance fertility outcomes.

Acupuncture treatments along with herbals are used throughout the cycle to maximize hormonal potential.  When is a good time to start treatments? Anytime in the cycle.

Most couples have very large life changes and heart felt life lessons on their path to conception.  There is a lot involved on every level.

That is where we come in…..we not only talk with our patients extensively, but we listen.

We diagnose, we recommend, we treat, we refer out, we cry, we laugh.

There are a lot of tears. There are a lot of cheers. 

How can Chinese medicine help to improve fertility? Does it really work?

Chinese Medicine is the oldest gynecological medicine in the world.  Emperors wanted sons (sorry gals), but it is true. They did every single thing they could do to ensure the birth of a son. That led to extremely meticulous acupressure and potions to help to have a boy.  And this history also led to much needed research around Chinese medicine and gynecological issues.

There are many studies that have paved the way for the use of Chinese Medicine for most GYN issues.  Those include:  improving blood flow to the uterus, cycle regulation, sperm volume and motility issues, improving insulin resistance as well as calming cortisol levels.

The use of Chinese Medicine on a fertility journey for both men and women pay off on many levels:

Our crew are a constant source of information and support.

  • The group is available to you six days a week and we are on call for IVF retrievals and transfers.
  • Our treatments are geared to provide the best chinese medical skills coupled with a most relaxing environment.
  • We work closely with most OBG and RE clinics in the area and also afar.
  • We are Board certified (ABORM) to work within the infertility arena and have strong community relationships with the medical community.
  • Our clinic maintains a strong network of healing professionals to use as referrals if needed.
  • Wherever you are in your process, we can always start right now.

At Many Lives Chinese Medicine, we offer our patients assistance with their fertility goals coupled with ample support, peace of mind, and hope. Our treatment plans are customized depending on your individual diagnosis and needs.

It’s our honor to be part of your journey, and we will be with you for support every step of the way. Welcome!

Beth is amazing!! From the first appointment, my husband and I decided to make the drive from the south bay to see her! She is so kind and takes the time to support you both physically and mentally. Infertility can become a very lonely and inhuman process but Beth brought the humanity back! Now we are 4 months pregnant, healthy and happy. We send everyone to Beth and her staff! They were and are still our saving grace!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How successful is acupuncture for fertility?

Generally, acupuncture and herbal medicine enhance the chances of conception.  Receiving a series of acupuncture treatments targets infertility at many levels.  It works biochemically to balance out the hormonal axis, to calm the whole body and mind and to set the whole picture up for a strong pregnancy.  Using acupuncture and herbs during natural and assisted cycles increases pregnancy rates by 26%- 34%.

Not only is acupuncture valued for improving fertility outcomes but is also effective for all other concerns a couple faces when trying to conceive.  Stress, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances to name a few. Our clinic works with all different types of cycles: natural, assisted (IUI, IVF) and we pride ourselves on being a part of your fertility journey.

When should I start acupuncture for conception?

We encourage you to come in anytime in your cycle.  If you are currently trying naturally and you are not sure if you are pregnant – that is fine.  You can begin your process with diet, lifestyle recommendations and be treated in the same appointment.

How come?

The chinese system of balancing hormones and preparing the womb for conception can occur anytime in the cycle because we treat four phases of the cycle.  Depending on where you fall with your cycle days we can accommodate the certain phase when you come into the clinic.  We are trained to treat safely during any phase of your cycle.

Should my husband get treated for reproductive issues with Chinese Medicine?

It is well known in the medical community that reproductive health is a future predictor of overall health.  It is important for men to be evaluated and assisted through a couples reproductive journey.  Consulting an acupuncturist will start the healthy conversation.

How many treatments will I need?

For most conditions, a series of several treatments is required in order for you to achieve maximum benefit.

A course of treatment for many complaints can range from 6-12 treatments while the typical course of treatment for fertility might be a treatment once or twice weekly over 3-9 months.

After your initial evaluation, you will be given recommendations on the number and frequency of treatments.Keep in mind, we aim to get the job done as quickly and astutely as possible.  We aim to maximize each treatment so you are not wasting time or money.

What is AMH? And why is it an issue?

The AMH is a marker for measuring ovarian reserve. The Anti-Mullerian hormone level is a blood test, taken at any time in the cycle, that tells us how many eggs remain in your ovary. This is also referred to as “ovarian reserve”. It does not tell us anything about the quality of your eggs. The quality of your eggs depends on your age and cannot be evaluated unless the eggs are taken outside of your body and/or fertilization attempts are made.

Every woman experiences a natural decline of AMH over time. Therefore, your levels need to interpreted in comparison to your age group. The reference intervals on your laboratory results are usually very broad and might not be useful in putting your egg reserve into perspective.

Can Chinese herbs help infertility issues?

Yes.  The combination of acupuncture with Chinese herbs improves pregnancy outcomes.


Achieving a pregnancy requires tremendous coordination of every system in the body.  The art and science of Chinese medicine treats each individual to achieve the balance needed to conceive.  These treatments include herbal medicine which, when prescribed by a trained herbalist, contributes to the preconception balance.

Dosing herbs is key and chinese herbs are rarely taken as single herbs, but are rather prescribed as balanced, targeted formulas to address whole body health and in turn, fertility. A meta-analysis found that the appropriate use of Chinese herbs increases fertility two-fold within a four month period.

Our talented team are herbalists and are quite experienced at dispensing chinese herbs for conceptions.  We have a full herbal pharmacy as well as herbal formulas in pill form for extra convenience.

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