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Integrative Bodywork Therapy

Integrative Bodywork
Source: ABMP

Integrative Bodywork is whole-person healing. The session blends many therapeutic modalities to meet individual needs. The therapist uses various methods to stimulate the body’s natural healing to release muscle tension embedded in the muscles caused by emotional pain and stress generated by minor physical injuries and surgery.

During the session, the therapist may ask you to deepen your breathing. The purpose is to increase your oxygen intake to generate energy to create blood blow while realigning your muscles or applying for myofascial release or cupping and qua sha to ease the tissues in distress. Tension in muscles and joints interferes with normal bodily function, causing aches and pain. It is necessary to remove muscle memory to resume the full operation of the body.

Integrative Bodywork is a body-mind therapy. It blends many modalities and caters to the patient’s needs. Treatment involves working with the form of the human body, which includes realigning the muscles, breath work, and energy medicine to release emotional and physical tension. After the session, you will feel balanced and energized. 

Integrative Bodywork is a vast knowledge base that encompasses these elements:

  • Muscle alignment: correct muscle imbalance, improve symmetry for better movement.
  • Stretching: improve flexibility and remove waste in joints and muscle tissue.
  • Massage: increase blood flow, detoxifies the body, and boost the immune system.
  • Breath Work: increase oxygen intake to generate energy to circulate blood.
  • Energy Medicine (Reiki or Qigong): balance the energy system to increase energy flow.
  • Visualization: relieve muscle tension and relax the body and the mind to reduce stress.
  • Spiritual counseling: improve your emotional health.
  • Diet/exercise suggestions: enhance the physical health condition.

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