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Sang Nguyen, L.Ac.
Esogetic (Esoteric + Genetic) Holistic Medicine, Yoga, and Meditation.

Sang Nguyen, L.Ac., received a Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, M.S. in Health Care Administration, B.A. in Biological Science, and further extensive training in Chronic Disease Self-Management,

When Sang was a senior in High School, she interned at a Convalescent Home in San Jose, California for six months as part of her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program. During her internship, she came across many geriatrics who had multiple chronic diseases and had to take multiple medications every day. The experience of working there sparked her curiosity in finding the “Joy of living.”

Sang then embarked on her journey traveling the world and explored her joy in life. She came upon many healing modalities, Esogetic Medicine in Europe, Shamanic practices in South America, Ayurvedic in India, and Traditional Medicine in Asia.  Through her experiences, she realized having optimal health and vitality are the keys to “Joie de Vivre.” She advocates conscious lifestyle choices, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and holistic medicine.

Sang is fascinated with Energy Medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbal Formulation. Traditional medicine addresses the interplay between the emotions, physical, spiritual; and how they relate to the role play in Health and Diseases. She is passionate about assisting anyone who is ready for the Inner Health and Wellness journey. She utilizes Traditional Medicine to support and serve her clients and patients on their way to optimal health.



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