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Body and Energy Connected

Exploring the Interconnectedness of Body and Energy

by Gladys Wong, CMT, MIM

In my two decades as an energy healing/bodywork practitioner, I have been guided by the profound wisdom of renowned energy healer Barbara Brennan. Her words, ‘Anything that happens in our physical body appears in our energy field first,’ have resonated with me and become a guiding principle in my practice.

In my healing sessions, I always start by asking my patients, ‘How are you feeling?’

This question sets the tone for focusing on their overall well-being, not just their physical symptoms. Our energy fields and physical health are interconnected; changes in one realm impact the other.

This interplay between our body and energy is not just a journey of healing but also an invitation to explore the depths of our being.

Emotions Hold The Key to Holistic Wellness

Emotions play a transformative role in our energy system. They can uplift or deplete, shaping our overall health and vitality.

As an energy healing practitioner, I’ve witnessed profound transformations in individuals’ health when prioritizing and restoring their emotional well-being. This realization fuels my ongoing dedication to energy healing, inspiring me to walk this transformative journey with you.

I enjoy sharing insightful resources about the profound connection between emotions and health with my patients.

One of these valuable resources is Carolyn Myss’s book, The Anatomy of the Spirit, which explores how our emotional and spiritual states influence physical well-being, connecting the dots between our body’s energy centers and emotional experiences. Myss underscores how unresolved emotions materialize as physical ailments, highlighting the importance of heeding our body’s messages conveyed through symptoms. It is essential to gain a deeper understanding of our emotional landscape to empower ourselves to cultivate balance and vitality.

Exploring Emotions Through Energy Healing

Understanding your emotions is crucial in shaping your healing path. It unlocks foundational elements at deeper levels, contributing to improved well-being.

At Many Lives Chinese Medicine, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal health by empowering you to deepen your connection with yourself. We share our experiences and insights to maximize the benefits of your visit—and equip you with the tools to navigate and shape your path toward greater well-being.

Let’s start your healing journey by exploring your emotions through energy healing. This transformative process will lead you to a new level of self-awareness and empowerment, enabling you to become an integral participant in your healing journey.

Embracing the Path to Empowerment

Join us in prioritizing your well-being and exploring your emotions alongside energy healing.

May this exploration empower you to improve your overall health.

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