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We’ve all been told some sort of message about habits for healthy living. Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, drink only in moderation, cut out red meat, reduce stress and to name a few.  They are all valid suggestions.  The question is how does one move from negative lifestyle habits to healthy lifestyle habits?

Here is what we suggest:

Focus on one habit at a time
Whether you are starting a new habit or working to end a habit just simply focus on one habit at a time.

Never under estimate the overall power of stress reduction
Simple stress reduction techniques such as acupuncture, meditation or massage can permeate positive results in all areas of your life.

Create positive habits that you enjoy
For example, if you enjoy cooking, replace red meats with fresh fish and find joy in discovering new recipes.

Find support
All of us at Many Lives can support your healthy lifestyle goals through acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine and massage.  In addition, we suggest you find a “Change Buddy.”  Someone you can count on to keep you honest with yourself in a safe and kind way.

Many Lives Chinese Medicine offers an Community Auricular Acupuncture Clinic every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm.  Auricular acupuncture is used to treat addiction of any kind, depression, anxiety, stress, and pain.  Learn More

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