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Hydration and water consumption

Hydration, How Much Water Should I Drink?

The most common nutrient deficiency in the American diet is water. Without adequate water intake, the body cannot efficiently rid itself of toxins, and the connective tissue tends to become like a dirty sponge that never gets wrung out.

The over consumption of water is similar to an over indulgence of food. Too much water strains kidney function and too much food injures the stomach.
So how much water is enough? How can you tell if you are getting sufficient water intake?

Consider the following:

  • It is depleting to your body to drink cold water. Drinking ice-cold water slows digestion and impairs stomach function.
  • Those suffering from chronic fatigue would do well to avoid cold foods and drinks as it takes a lot of energy on your body’s behalf to warm up those consumables to 98.6°. That energy would be better-spent healing and supporting your health.
  • Other fluids can be used for hydration, but they do not work as well as water.

The Six cup Rule:
The six cup rule is useful; drink 6-cups of water before 3 pm every day to properly hydrate. The body flushes the connective tissue mostly in the earlier part of the day. After 3 PM, drink fluids according to your thirst. Drinking according to the six cup rule is the minimum baseline for water consumption. Increase this water amount if you are in a dry climate, or heavily active and sweating a lot.


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