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Purification Cleanse 2017

21 Day Purification Tips and Resources

Are You Ready?

Preparation is key to completing your 21 Day Purification Program with ease.
1. Get to know the Program.
Take some time to go through and familiarize yourself with the Standard Process materials… they will help you.

Toxicity Questionnaire – What is your Toxic Load

Purification Program Hand Out

Purification Program Handbook

Printable Daily Food Intake Record

Download the Purification App to your phone

This free, easy-to-use app helps you stay on the right path with guidance from pre-to post-purification. You’ll receive tips to start off right and support for the whole purification journey and beyond. Download the app now!

Recipe and Videos

2. Breakfast is the hardest meal.
Take some time to think through breakfast for the week and prepare ahead. You can make and eat muffins, shakes, eggs, fruit, vegi’s and tea.

Check the Standard Process YouTube Channel for more amazing recipes.

3. Pill Boxes aren’t only for old people.
Before you start, purchase a good pill box that has a good latch that you can take with you during the day to help you stay one track.

4. Cut it out!
This weekend is a good time to cut out alcohol and caffeine. To help you transition to decaf try purchasing Pete’s, Whole Bean, Swiss Water Processed, Decaf Mocha Java. The Swiss Water Process is the important thing here, as the coffee is decaffeinated without chemicals and it tastes great!

5. It’s not your last super.
People often feel compelled to eat all their favorite junk foods the night before they begin a purification cleanse, as though it’s their last super. Remember, the limits on what you can eat is only for three weeks and you will eat again.

6. Shop.
Is your blender working for shakes as well as you would like? If not, Costco has the Nutrabullet Pro 900 on sale for $99. Also, consider shopping ahead for your organic produce. You always want food available.

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