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Spring Allergies

Let’s Get Ready for Spring Allergies

If you’re among the 10-30% of Americans that are allergic to pollen, the coming months are not going to offer a reprieve for you.

Prevention is the Best Medicine for Spring Allergies

Instead of suffering through the spring, consider starting a series of acupuncture treatments now that will help lessen your symptoms come late March thru May. We recommend a series of acupuncture treatments, plus Chinese herbal medicine, both focused on supporting the immune system. This may need to be followed by a few more treatments and a new herbal formula during the most intense part of the spring season.
Let’s get started!

In Chinese Medicine, there are a number of different ways to look at allergies and a number of different ways to treat them as well. Perennial allergies or chronic allergies, that do not have a specific irritant but generally have many, are treated by focusing on the root which in Chinese Medicine is the Kidney Meridian. Seasonal allergies are treated based on the season, wind-cold generally in fall and winter and wind-heat in spring and summer.

Food allergies are treated by treating the root which is typically the Spleen Meridian and then balancing the Yin and Yang in the body with the Yin and Yang in foods. The practitioner will tailor a treatment plan according to the pattern of symptoms present.

AllergiesThere are a number of modalities that are used to treat allergies in addition to acupuncture for the meridians that are affected. These include

  • Moxibustion to warm and tonify Qi and channels. This is beneficial to people who get sick a lot in relation to their allergies or who always feel run down.
  • NADA points in the ears help to detox the system which is especially beneficial to those individuals that seem to be allergic to everything.
  • There is also a group of 3-points that can be done on the ears which help with the inflammatory response in the body overall.
  • Herbs work both for chronic and seasonal allergies and are very useful for people with food allergies as well. As with all herbs, the formula is based on the specific issues that person is experiencing.

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