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SNEEZE! 6 Strategies to Feeling Better During Allergy Season

Acupuncture for AllergiesAllergy season has come early this year. For those of you who suffer from seasonal allergies, the misery of hay fever is already upon us.  Constant runny nose, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, headaches and of course… sneezing.  Is the Kleenex never far from your grasp? Do you find taking allergy medicine at night makes you groggy the next day?  Do you wonder what else you could do to feel better?

Here are six strategies that can help you survive through the springtime and allergy season:

1.  Sinus irrigation – at least once a day before bedtime.  This will rinse out the aggravating pollens from your mucous membranes and let any inflammation settle down over night.

2.  Omega 3’s – increase your daily intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids.  You want to be getting at least 1200 mg a day of the active ingredient EPA, which is anti-inflammatory.

3.  Avoid dairy – it creates a lot of phlegm, which only adds to your symptoms.  During the peak of allergy season it is most effective to cut out dairy 100%; you can gauge by your symptoms what works best for you.

4.  Herbal remedies – there are several remedies in traditional Chinese medicine that can relieve the symptoms of allergies.  These are typically customized per individual.  Metagenics puts out a great sinus congestion formula called Nazanol that works wonders.

5.  Homeopathic remedies – there are a lot of different remedies that can successfully treat allergies.  In my office, we carry a formula for acute allergy symptoms that our patients have described as a miracle cure.

6.  Acupuncture – acupuncture can both relieve the allergy symptoms of sinus congestion, headaches, fatigue, etc., as well as help boost the immune system and create a  stronger defense to keep the allergens from attacking your system.

At Many Lives Chinese Medicine, we know that each person has their own path towards achieving health; we simply provide tools that you need when you need them, encouraging your own innate ability to heal, grow and thrive.Offering non-pharmaceutical solutions for treating health issues.

If you are suffering from allergies let us help you find relief!  Call 650-366-4299 or book an appointment online.

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