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Beth’s Tips for Kicking the Sweet Tooth

Do you find yourself trolling the kitchen for something sweet after a meal?

Is SUGAR controlling you? 

Today Americans consume an average of 450 calories a day as added sugar, approximately one-fourth of a 2,000-calorie diet. This is due to:

  • We are simply eating more plain old sugar
  • The invention of high fructose corn syrup which is added to all kinds of foods because it increases shelf life, makes low-fat processed foods and baked goods taste better, and is cheaper than regular sugar.

Kicking the sugar habitThe key to kicking the sugar habit is to keep your blood sugar level even.  Follow these tips for the next 21 days and you will find increased energy and an even mood.  The cravings will die down in about 13 days.

  • Eat more protein – less grain
  • Eat at least three meals a day and get
    plenty of sleep
  • Stay hydrated and give up all sugary and
    diet sodas (fake sugar is very bad for you too!)
  • Stay away from packaged, processed foods (that’s where the added sugar is)
  • Limit desserts, refined pasta, and white bread to once a week as treats.
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