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GRAINS – what you should know…

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When I check out at the grocery store with a cart devoid of any processed foods or heart healthy whole grain products, I get occasional odd glances. When my kids won’t eat donuts because of the health ramifications, most people don’t think anything of it. When our entire family refuses the “healthy whole grain” bread at a restaurant or party, we get questions…

But why, people ask? “Grains are healthy and give you necessary fiber!” and “What about the nutrients in grains?” or my favorite, “But they are low-fat!” It was surprising to me when I first learned that all the hype about grains really was just that, hype.

“Haven’t people always eaten grains?” you ask? I used to think so too, heck, even the Bible mentions grains, so they must be good. Interestingly, scientific and historical research show that not only have humans not always eaten grains, but the human body is not designed to function well on grains at all!

Hang on tight, this explanation gets messy!
Excerpt from How Grains are Killing You Slowly  READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

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