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Chinese Medicine For Colds and Flu

When To Seek Treatment

Believe it or not, the best time to get treatment is when you’re sick! Acupuncture and herbs help treat every stage of illness; from a scratchy sore throat to full blown bronchitis, cough, or sinus infection to name a few. Many people believe that colds take only a few days to recover from, but viruses actually take 21 days to move through your system! Visiting our trained staff at Many Lives Chinese Medicine may help move your illness through your system much faster than it would naturally.

How We Treat With Chinese Medicine For Colds and Flu

When you get a virus, your body tries to fight it by producing a fever. Many have been told that fevers are bad for you, but that’s not entirely true. Fevers help your body fight viruses but should be monitored so that your temperature does not exceed 103°F. Our traditional Chinese medicine can assist your body through the fever to move the healing process along.

If you have a cough, we still recommend you come into the office for treatment. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with whooping cough, it is recommended to come in three weeks after.

For sore throats, we use acupuncture points to treat the acute pain, burning, and suffering, then send you home with herbs to balance out your system. We also recommend lifestyle and diet options to create more comfort and healing when you are sick!

If you have been seen by your regular general practitioner for your illness, don’t be afraid to come to your appointment at Many Lives Chinese Medicine, too. Unless you’ve been instructed by your general practitioner to stay home, our Chinese medicine in tandem with your doctor’s diagnosis can help return your health and strength.

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