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Start Your New Year Right – 21 Day Food-based Whole-Body Detox Cleanse


Join us for our annual “21-Day Whole Body Detox” that focuses on eliminating unwanted toxins that have accumulated over the past year.  This simple yet very effective detox is completely food-based and requires no special diet. You can eat all the foods that are good for you and promote strong detoxification including butter, animal protein, fruit, veggies and even popcorn!

Improve the health of your skin, GI tract, kidneys, blood, lymphatic fluid and of course your liver. All in one simple cleanse! Register today and get ready to feel better than you have felt in a long time!

Click here to review the 21 Day Food-based Whole-Body Detox Cleanse support booklet

Remember…. We EAT on this cleanse….No Starving Allowed!!
COST: $287.00

detoxThe February 2nd Cleanse Includes:

  • Standard Process Cleansing Products
  • One 15 minute phone consultation with Beth
  • Two short support meetings in the first and third week.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group where you can interact with fellow cleansers
  • Degree of Change Standard Process Cleanse Booklet

To purchase: call our office 650-366-4299

We are meant to detoxify. And the primary way out bodies accomplish this amazing feat is through our diets. But unfortunately, we don’t always eat the way we should. And the end result is that our bodies end up storing all the unwanted chemicals, hormones and other toxic substances we were never meant to be exposed to. And these build up in our bodies until symptoms start to appear.

Signs of toxicity can include inability to concentrate, memory loss, skin conditions, elevated cholesterol, blood sugar dysregulation, recurring headaches, body and joint pain, insomnia, unexplained fatigue, and more. These are all just signs that your body is struggling to maintain balance. Our 21-Day Whole Body Detox will help eliminate a large number of those toxins, allowing you to start feeling better right away. So don’t entertain any more excuses – register today and get ready to feel better than you have in a long time!

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